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Bharatanatyam classes in San Bruno, San Mateo, Foster City and San Carlos

Na tath Gnanam Na tath Shilpam Na sa Vidya Na sa Kala

Na sau Yogo Na tath Karman Naatye asmin Yanna Drishyate

“There is no knowledge (Gnanam), no craft (Shilpam), no science (Vidya), no art (Kala), no yoga or action (Karma) that does not fall within the purview of Performing Arts” – Bharata Muni (Natyashastra)

Kaivalya means the most superior form of liberation or Moksha. We in Kaivalya Foundation believe dance could be that divine medium through which the student can connect to his/her inner self.

The one hour in dance class is not just for learning adavus or items. Over the years the students learn better time management, an insight into our rich heritage, respect for the guru, elders and peers, importance of exercise and the right diet to complement the dance and so on. The constant practice increases the students retaining ability, intelligence, stamina, endurance, agility and list goes on. And most of all, the student learns the most important lesson that nothing of value can ever be attained without sincere practice and conviction.

         Our vision quite simply is to create sincere dancers who are excellent individuals with a great personality.